Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Giveaway at

It's been sometimes since I took part in giveaway and I hope to win this wonderful giveaway at You can check out this giveaway click above link.

At withlovekisses will be giving..inside the bag
1) Loreal Perfect Clean with Scrublet
2) Ola bath set
3) Hello Kitty Fake Lashes container
4) Maybelline NY Mascara
5) Naruko night gel
6) Maybelline NY Shine- free Cake Powder
7) Elianto Shimmer
8) Baviphat Mask
9) Hairclip
10) Disney Princess Sticker
They will also be adding more prize if the giveaway entry hit every 100th! No kidding faster hit the link to take part now.

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