Friday, January 23, 2009

Over 5,000 fraudulent entries!

I cannot believe it myself until I received an email about whose the Winner of a contest that I took part. The contest was open to all and Someone "spammed" their contest with over 5,000 fraudulent entries, and it took them time to remove them. They ensure that the contest was fair for everyone.

It is my first time knowing that someone will spammed just to win a contest. The spam as much as 5000 fraudulent entries. That is not a small number!


Jade said...

My gosh! That's just low. I cannot believe people would stoop to that level.

Happy Lunar New Year Sherry!

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Sherry said...

hi Jade, happy chinese new year to you too. Yeah there is such people :(

Jes said...

hi sherry!! yes i have change my url from to

sorry!!! I have to blog about this soon! heheheh =)

Julia said...

Hi Sherry,

You've won a pair of my earrings! Congratulations! Please comment on my blog, ( and leave me your address so I can mail them to you! (I won't publish the comment)If you'd like to leave a seperate comment saying something like 'yay I won' then I'll publish that. :D


Sherry said...

@Jes, please make another post of the contest post. As previous one you did will not be counted since you move blog.

@Julia thank you. I have comment at your post and also made my winning post.