Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Third day of Chinese New Year

Yesterday, we went for dinner and it supposed to be a good meal but it turned out not at all. What happened? We have the first dish out and we were so hungry and just eat it. The dinner starts at 8.30 at night, you can imagine how hungry we are as usually we have the dinner at 6.30 in the evening. The food was not great and the meat balls are not cooked at all. I did not know it as we have eaten it in the first dish and during the 4th dish the same meat balls are out again.

We paid for the dinner $300 and the restaurant wanted to charge more but everyone disagree. They are so many of us there at the restaurant. Friends and family members and I think that the restaurant should not charge that expensive. Since someone has ate the meat ball that is not cooked. I think the meat balls have spoiled everyone appetite. I do not feel like eating then. We came home, and everyone is asking for pizza hut and so they ordered. But I did not eat as I lose my appetite and since I saw the meat balls.

I think the money can be spend on other foods like satay or eat at another restaurant. If I know there is such food served at the restaurant I rather stay at home to play the Slot Machine Games. I know my friends are happily staying at their home playing mahjong and poker.

Believe me after that meal at the restaurant, it will be our first and the last time to go back there to eat. Tell me if you will go back the same restaurant that serves you the raw meat ball. The meat ball looks delicious from the outside but the inside is raw. I think they have too many customer at the restaurant and they lose track on their food.


Pangeran said...

Just say it out loud the name of the restaurant.
Get them out of business.
What a "soi" they give to your new year celebration...

Sherry said...

yeah it is so "soi"! Not everyone know name of the restaurant. :(