Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Blog Contest Contest

I sure love contest and I am taking part in Daily Blog Contest Contest. This is First Entrecard Contest where you can win the Entrecard Credits.

First Prize

25,000 Entrecard Credits

20,000 EntreCard credits sponsored by Make Money Blogging with Tycoon Blogger

1,500 credits sponsored by Blogging School

1,500 credits sonsored by EnglishShort Story

1,000 credits sponsored by so far, so good

1,000 credits sponsored by A lonely planet it is not

Featured Link and 3 month link on front page on Blog Directory - (pr3 blog directory)

Second Prize

12,000 Entrecard credits

10,000 Entrecard Credits sponsored by Daily Blog Contest

2,000 credits sponsored by Serradinho

This contest is held at Daily Blog Contest, for more info just click on the link above.

1 comment:

yanji said...

I could do with winning some entrecredits too..I think I will go for it as well.btw I have set up a links page on my blog do you want to link exchange with me?