Friday, July 17, 2009

Swaddle baby giveaway

I am sure you like to check out the Swaddle baby giveaway, as I am taking part too. See more at tout-est-des-roses and SwaddleBabies.

I am sure everyone gal will love to have one. You can visit Swaddle Babies to see more.

The winner of this giveaway will be allowed to create the Swaddle Baby of their choice!

Giveaway ends on 4 Aug, 2009. To take part just click on the link above.
To take part just click on the link above.

Good luck.


Cacai M. said...

Wow! that's a cool give-away Sher! I love to cuddle it! haven't been in contest or something like that but I will check the requirements below if am qualified. By the way, thanks for the comment at my blog.. and wow you have 15 blogs! awesome and you're the Queen of all the Queens of blogs I know..

Sherry said...

hi Caicai M, I love blogging. Go take part this lovely doll giveaway.


yanji said...

Oh my dayz they are so cute those dollies..I love them!

Sherry said...

hi sis go take part and you might win!