Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The $12 Contest by Mys

Dear Mys,

I suggest that the topic for your meme would be To Someone Special because you mentioned partial to 7 and 12. It is special date of your kids born.

I have read meme post and I don't see there is one To Someone Special. I think this meme will be nice with this title. :D


My blogger friend Mys is having the $12 Contest, I am taking part so can you. This contest is held at http://www.writtenbymys.com/

I suggest theme will be To Someone Special

Mys is partial to 7 and 12. Since her kids are born on those dates.
Here's the deal.

For November 12:
The Letters That I'll Never Send Theme is A Letter of Suggestions of Topics for this Meme.

Yes, I admit it, I'm running out of ideas and I want more participants.
Here's the deal.

To qualify for the prize meaning required action:, all you have to do is write an entry. No need to be creative since Random.Org will do the choosing.

For more info just click on above link, good luck.


Mys said...

thanks for the blog post, but I need you to make a letter of suggestion. More of dear mys,
I suggest that the topic for your meme would be To Someone Special.


THat's it. It has to be in a form of a letter. I'll collect the links for the Nov. 12 meme.

mandatorybloghere said...

thanks for the link