Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quit smoking

Do you know anyone that like to smoke? I have got a classmate that started smoking after she found a job. She told me that smoking can relax tension and she is now trying to quit smoking. She knows that smoking is bad for health.

There is a site to share with you where you can find interesting facts on tobacco. If you know anyone interested to find out more information about quit smoking. Just click on the link mention to read more, as everyone has got an experience to share.

It is not too late to quit smoking, thinking about your loved one. I know my friend is a light smoker and he has quits smoking as he found someone he loved. I know it is not easy to quit smoking, check out this site on how to cope.

An interesting post I find you can read the ten reasons you need to quit smoking before age of 30 years old. My sister's ex boy friend has been trying to quit smoking for years, I hope they will find this site useful. Don't forget that tobacco kill, I know quitting smoking is not easy. Take a visit to this site for My Quit Smoking Diary.


AMK said...

Nicotine addiction is one of the strongest addictions to overcome. But it's never too late to break the habit, the effective way to stop smoking is all about determination. Try to use replacements and have an active lifestyle to divert your focus.

Cigarette Monkey said...

For those smokers that are unable to quit, e-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking. It does not contain the deadly substances that cigarettes do. You can also control the amount of nicotine you take in, allowing you to slowly lessen your nicotine feed until you eventually wean yourself off.