Friday, August 3, 2012

Naga magnetic nail polish and Naga magnetic stick

I purchased this product last month from Sasa, I must say I love the nail colour of Naga Magnetic Nail Polish, just one coat is enough! I also purchased the Naga Magnetic Stick but disappointed this item I tried so many times and does not give the effect of what appeared in the Naga Magnetic Stick.
Below is the picture of my first trial on Naga Magnetic Stick star signs or you can called it snow flake? I put first coat of Naga magnetic nail polish first then second layer and put the stick above the nail counted ten seconds! Below picture you can see just a cross sign.
I even try on my other finger nails and I tried counting more than ten seconds, the result is the same it does not give me any magnet result!
I will not purchase the stick again, the stick cost RM5.90 and it is waste of money! My friend too purchased the Naga magnetic nail polish and she purchased two magnetic sticks. She too disappointed with the result!

Overall I like the nail polish, just one layer is enough.

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