Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who is going be luck 50,000 total page view?

I am sure you know of my other blog Sherry rambling, I am looking for the lucky 50,000 total page view fan. It is so close now I wonder who will be the lucky winner that will have a print screen of my blog. I have surprise gift for the lucky winner.

When I say surprise gift it can also be mystery gift, hehe..

While update my blog here my baby William busy walking there and there. He spoiled one of his brother toys! He loves to throw the toy, he breaks part of the toy!! He also throw my thing and break it. He loves moving my computer's mouse even pulled it. He would grab a bite of it! Yummy?

Since morning no water supply here soon I need to bring my kid and sister in law out for lunch and packed home for my son whose now in Kindergarten. Kindergarten fee a month is expensive here from RM280 increased to RM350 because of extra computer class for the kids. My friend's kid attending the kindergarten told me that they do not give the computer class daily just once a week but they did not give her kid to play.

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