Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Chick's first blog contest

I sure love this Bear Chick's first blog contest, you can take part too.

What you can win:
Orange Blossom Anklet

Wanna see more just head on to (!

Giveaway ends on 30 Aug, 2009.

To take part just click on above link.

Good luck.


yanjiaren said...

Wow I love this anklet, it looks great. I can login now ayayayayaay. I am so happy I can blog again. S glad to see my lovely friend again..zai jian..

Bear Chick said...

Thanks so much for adding my blog contest here! Much appreciated.

Stjoemom2011 said...

I love anklets and the Orange Blossom Anklet is so adorable. I like it alot because it is not some real skinny thing that no one usually sees! Thanks for the chance to win!! kathy

Sherry said...

Stjoemom2011, to take part you need go to the contest blog. I am a participants too.

Sherry said...

hi sis so glad to know you can login and blog :)

hi bear chick, no problem!