Friday, August 14, 2009

Where do you pump petrol?

I like to know where you pump your petrol. I usually pump petrol at Shell station where I can use the Bonuslink card to get points. This morning I headed to the nearby mall and I was going up the hill, the car suddenly stopped by itself. I was scare and there is red light out saying no fuel!

Lucky for me I am able to start the engine and proceed to the parking lot. I went to pump petrol on the way back and I spend RM50 at Shell. I forgot whether it was green or red label that I was using. I choose the red and was told then that was the expensive fuel. :( With the RM50 the meter of fuel in my car is not full at all, it is only half tank!

Anyway I got five forms to take part in the contest, if I pumped the green label RM30 will only be given a form. Wish me luck!

This month the car had stopped several times by itself I am worry there is in need of major service.


Rosa said...

Hi sherry, the link are broken. You need to put http:// so they work fine. Will do yours!:)

Precious said...

It's good to take the red one once in a while ... I heard!

Rosa said...

Hi sherry, can you please change the to

Anyway i've add ur link to my blogs. thanks

Sherry said...

hi Rosa :) done :)

Sherry said...

oh its my first time to pump red :) yeah sure much power!