Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The date:090909

Today is 090909, it is Wednesday there will be plenty of celebration. One of the main attractions will be weddings, even though it is the month of Ghost Festival. For Chinese it is commonly called the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Not many couples will choose this month for weddings. I know most old folks will not allowed and particular about the day of wedding. Anyway, many couples go ahead with their wedding. I mean how often are you going to come by with the date of 090909?

I think some pregnant mom might choose this date for their baby born. If baby is delivered using c-section.

Not long ago I read in newspaper that 090909 is the day many couple registration for marriage.

Do you know the meaning of the numbers? 9 in Chinese mean long lasting, forever. I recall attend a wedding on the year 090999, the wedding dinner only start at 9pm. The couple who married on that day, now have three children.


mandatorybloghere said...

Yay i wish i had something happen exciting on this date.

Sherry said...

you are not alone.