Sunday, September 13, 2009

Win $50 gift certificate

I love shopping and now I am taking part to win $50 gift certificate, you can take part too.

The lucky WINNER of this giveaway will be able to spend up to $50.00 for any item/s in DZFANTASY shop or may apply the $50.00 to any higher priced item, with WINNER paying the difference. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED!

Giveaway has started, to take part just click on the link above.

Giveaway ends on 13 Oct, 2009.

Good luck.



Hey, Sherry

Thanks for the promotion of my DZFANTASY giveaway!

yanjiaren said...

This looks wonderful..I wouldn't mind winning..btw Sherry I started learning to write Chinese..I can write my Surname YAN now and Zia Jian lol..I am learning one word a day to write..

Sherry said...

hi sis :) thats great :) hehe.. we are learning everyday, I have not write mandarin for sometimes. Some words forgot how to write. Need dig dictionery.