Friday, January 1, 2010

Every day with new photo efffect

Funny Pictures

Happy New Year 2010, I love games and I love to play with photos too. I found this site which is free everyone to play with photofun. I am trying out as you can see the photo which I posted in blog. You can also play around with your photo that you have.

At the bottom of this photo fun is the three layer tea that I like to drink at the restaurant. Have fun with your photo as you get every day with new photo effect. You can even email them to your friends.

This site is user friendly and you just click on the dates on the left bar you get to choose many photo effect. It is fast loading on the photo I download. I love this photofunia and I love to share my amazing photos with everyone.

You don't have to pay money to have fun with your photos. Now go ahead and click on the link above to try out yourself. Feel free to share with me, I like to see your amazing photo effects too. You can see the jewellery which I made with the photo effects and I love it. I am going to check this site often to play with the photo effect.

Funny Pictures

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