Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"I Draw For A Living's" Christmas giveaway

I love contest and giveaway so there is one to share with you "I Draw For A Living's" Christmas giveaway.

Edit this contest is over!! :(


The San San Gift Pack: 1 bottle of San San Eau De Parfum in "Passion", 1 San San SKIN PACK (that includes Facial Creme Wash, Toning Fluid, and Tinted Day Creme), and 1 San San AGE DEFENSE Makeup set (this has three tray levels and includes 4 eye shadow pans, 2 blush pans, 1 foundation pan, and 7 lip gloss pans).

The Exclusive, Hand-Made-By-Yours-Truly Accessories Pack: 1 Garden Blooms Hairclip, 1 Purple Burst Headband, 1 Red Feathers Headband, 1 Heart Locket Bracelt, and 1 Key To My Heart Necklace (this has a little padlock and a heart-shaped key attached to it!). I'm a craft hobbyist, so all these pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade by me! :D They all come in little gift bags, so you can wear them, keep them, or give them away!

The Bobson Giftpack: A little something for the boys. ;) Includes: 1 M-sized black Series II Bobson t-shirt, 1 Bobson Blue Cap, 2 Belts, and 1 Best DAD coffee cup.

Visit the lovely sponsors at: http://www.hbc.com.ph and http://www.bobson.com.ph

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