Monday, February 8, 2010

Free WP themes

I love blogging and I have got blogs that I need to change themes. I need new fresh themes for my wordpress blogs. I found this site with many FREE WP themes to choose from. With so many themes to choose from, I am going to take time to browse them all.

Take a peek at this site and you can find many attractive and professional wordpress themes. They are free to download and you can install them easily. I know some bloggers like to change their wordpress blog looks. How many times can you change the WP themes in a month?

Just take a visit to and download a stylish template. Personally I prefer to have the three columns template so I can put more banners and links on side bar. This site might look new but you can assure that you will see more in future. They will be more templates and categories will be added very soon.

I like the Horoscope themes, they are so pretty! You can even choose the gambling themes if you have a gambling site, fun themes, or landscape themes. I am going to bookmark this site so I can visit often for the free WP themes.


Priscila said...

im serioulsy thinking of changing to wp and this was a great post!!! Love ur blog!
Come give me a visit soon :)

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Sherry said...

thanks Priscilla!