Monday, February 8, 2010

My Beauty Feeds first stash giveaway

Oh I love cosmetics so I am here to take part in win My Beauty Feeds First Stash giveaway, you can take part too.

More than 40 over pigment samples! Some are full sized pigments btw!! =D

Giveaway held at

* Do not participate if you do not like "Second-hand" stuffs. These may/may not be new pigment samples.
* Pigment samples may come in 1/4tsp or even 1 full size (5g) jar.
* Do inform me if you plan to "resell" these piggies. I do not want people to quote me back for something I did not do.
* Stash will be packed and sent out via normal mail.

Contest will end on Wednesday (10-March-2010) at 8am SHARP (Malaysia Time).
Results will be on Wednesday (10-March-2010) at 12pm.
To take part just click on above link!

Good luck!

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