Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd Contest @ Sweetposh

Here's an interesting contest, if you like to be creative you will like this contest.

3rd contest a title of “SHOW ME YOU LOVE ME”.

contest will run from September 3-October 8, 2008

  • Make a fan sign or graphics showing you love SWEETPOSH..(photos and graphics is accepted)
  • Size must be 175×150
  • -You can take a photo holding a paper stating how much you like/love SWEETPOSH.COM or
    -You can ask some hottie guy,your group of friends or for ex.write “I/WE LOVE SWEETPOSH / SWEETPOSH ROCKS /ANY COOL QUOTE” on your class white board and took a photo with the whole class,cool dad or mom or even your pet holding the fan sign.
    -You can also make animated graphics
    - THE WHOLE IDEA IS UP TO YOU !!!(-Make a cool fan sign or graphics for sweetposh!!!)

    • Write an individual entry about the contest
  • Ask your friends to write an individual entry about the contest.
  • Put this on your sidebar where it is visible

    creativity and uniqueness of work - 40 points
    writing of post about the contest - 20 points
    friends post entry - 20 points each
    graphics/fan sign you make - 20 points each

    The Prizes:

  • a banner stating you won the contest
  • one month free advertising
  • lots of HELLO KITTY ITEMS!!!!
  • Tiffany&co or any items from The Shopaholic Store worth $120
  • So what are you waiting for? Fore more info head on to the contest blog or start your creative work now.

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