Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Internet Babel Giveaway

This is one giveaway that you wouldn't want to miss out. There's no need of subscription to Internet Babel .

All you have to do is comment on a post in Internet Babel during the month of September. I’ll be selecting MY favourite comment from September, based purely on how much I think it contributes to discussion, provides useful advice or is in some other way valuable. It doesn’t have to be praise - I’m always open to constructive criticism - but I DO want to try and promote some feedback and discussion on here.

The Prize:

The winning Comment will receive the following:

  • the Domain name ‘’ (registered at GoDaddy which will be renewed until November 2009) - a great name for someone wishing to set up an SEO or Page Rank building type site.
  • a PSD banner logo for RankFoundry.
  • 1 year’s free Universal Hosting from, which can be used either with - or ICDSOFT will provide a free 1-year .com registration if you wish to host another domain on there.
If you like to know more click on First Internet Babel Giveaway .

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