Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choose My Logo Contest @MySportsRumours

Paul Raymond is holding a nice contest at My Sports Rumours . I am so excited and wanting to take part in this contest, just look at the prizes.

Here are the prizes:
First place - $50 (via paypal)
Second place - $25 (via paypal)
Third place - 2,000 Entrecard Credits ($12 cash value), payable in two installments due to EC’s new rules.

Alright so let’s get under way, I’ll show you the graphics and my thoughts on each one. Afterward, I’ll tell you how to earn even more chances to win!

My Sports Rumors Logo 1

Logo 1 - Nice picture of the Chicago White Sox celebrating their World Series win a few years back. As of now they’ve even got a chance to get back there. When you think about it teams don’t win without the off-season rumors. There is always a significant off-season or trade deadline move that helps propel a team to greatness. And how do those rumors begin? As rumors of course.

My Sports Rumors Logo 2

Logo 2 - This picture completely tells how some players hate talking to the media. Why? Because rumors get started and then the players have to discuss it. Not fun especially when you’re a possible trade candidate or on a losing team. What I like about it? It shows that not all rumors are pleasant. The other reason, I like the color scheme as the My Sports Rumors really stands out.

My Sports Rumors Logo 3

Logo 3 - This picture explains pretty much what we cover, sports. We focus on baseball and football but do occasionally dabble in the other sports. What I really like about this logo is the simplicity. It’s just what is used in each of the sports, and definitely screams out to the reader this is a sports site. There is no wondering if you will find what you want if you click on it.

My Sports Rumors Logo 4

Logo 4 - This one shows in a way how far rumors can go. Brett Favre lit the blog and major news outlets on fire all summer long with his back and forth on retirement. You couldn’t look anywhere with out seeing a rumor about the great one. So this logo to me says here is a place for rumors.

So there you go those are all the logos.

Now time for the contest directions. Pay attention cause it only benefits you to follow the rules as there are bonus entries for doing various things.


Step #1 - Post a comment on the link below with which logo you like the best. That will earn you 5 entries.
Step #2 - Create a post about this contest on your blog (Include the link to your post in that comment)- A bonus of 5 entries.
Step #3 - Subscribe to My Sports Rumors RSS feed. A bonus of 3 entries.

For more info click on Choose My Logo Contest .

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