Monday, September 1, 2008

Win an Arsus EEE PC 2G Surf Notebook @Big Ben Patton

I have found a nice contest at Big Ben Patton to share you. I am sure you want to Win an Arsus EEE PC 2G Surf Notebook at Big Ben Patton.

Let’s talk about how you can win this awesome blogging device!

OK first things first you must be subscribed to my RSS feed via email. If you are already do not worry as your already entered. If you are currently signed up via a feed reader please sign up with an email address today. Obviously you can do that right now in my header image.

Next I want to spice this up a bit and give you more of an opportunity to win. Here are some ways to increase your chances in our random drawing:

Sign up to be a Market Leverage affiliate via my affiliate link - the bar below my navigation bar is quickest way to do this. If you are approved you get 100 entries. ( If 10 or More people sign up under my affiliate link I will award a bonus 25 entries to everyone )

Subscribe to my email RSS feed (required) - 10 entries - By subscribing to our email RSS feed, you will be able to get updates when I make a new post. This is an easy 10 entries and is required to be eligible for the contest

Stumble or Digg This Post - 5 entries - This is the easiest 10 entries if you do both besides the ten I give you for being subscribed to my RSS feed via email.

Commenting on a Post - 2 entries -By commenting on my posts, you will receive 2 extra entries in the contest. You can comment as many times as you would like but only one comment per post will count. with over 155 posts, that could mean 310 points plus any new posts!

Blog about this contest - 25 entries - Write a small blurb about this contest. Make sure you link back/ping back to this post so I know about your post. Your blurb must be a minimum of 100 words. You may repost my post verbatim if you wish and still get credit for this. (only good for 1 post per week 4 weeks in September)

Podcast about this contest - That’s right get on the bandwagon and get the word out 15 entries. 30 seconds or longer please.

Video blog about this contest - You knew it was coming here is your excuse to get moving I will award 50 entries to every person who makes a short videolog on their blog about this contest. 20-30 seconds min please.

Put Me In Your Blogroll - 10 entries for any follow on blogroll links that point to this blog (1 link per blog please)

Favorite Big Ben Patton’s Place On Technorati - 5 entries - Easy as pie folks! - As a bonus I will favorite you back!

Mention this blog in any post with a link to the top page - This will get you 2 entries just make sure you link to me using the domain easy as that! (allowed 1 time per day)

Put My 125×125 ad on your blog - Easy and a quick 10 entries if you keep it up for a month.
(Ad can be found here 125×125)

Put my 468×60 ad on your blog - Easy and a quick 20 entries if you keep it up for a month.
(Ad can be found here 468×60 )

The contest will run officially from September 1st 2008 until September 30th 2008. The winner will be announced on October 1st 2008! Good Luck!

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