Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to win a free iPod Nano?

Well, here's a contest which you haven't take part. Your chance to win a free iPod Nano . You can subscribed to his blog to earn 2 point. Other than that you can also blog about the contest with free blogging ebook or blogging ebook which earn you another 5 point. To earn more point you can also download his ebook which earn you 1 point.

First I like to tell you a bit about the eBook, I am sure you have hear about eBook before. What's different about this one is that 90% of the contain written from scratch by Nabil Khan. If you don't know whose that, he is the part time blogger at Enkay Blog. It's not like any other eBook which I have got before with just a few pages. This one has got 62 pages long, this is a great eBook for new blogger.

You know its worth to read and it's free. I have download it and enjoy reading it. There's info about web hosting as well. Just what I need as I know there are so many and didn't have time to find them all. From the eBook I can read so much about them. There's tip about how to make a video of your won as well. So much more you have to download it to find out more info.

Back to the contest, Winners will be chosen on 15 Oct, hurry up take part now. You still have time to do so.

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Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Hi, Sherry. I wanted to let you know that my giveaway for the cartstopper is open to international entries. Thanks for stopping by!