Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I think I found the template for this contest blog

Oh yeah I have found one really nice where I saw it at 2 new impressive blogger template . I like the Arthemia magazine blogger template . I really worry if I change the template, I will lose the love links as I remembered I need to copy the list and everything regarding the html code to a MS Word.

Hmm.. I think it will take me time to change the template. First tell me what do you think of the Arthemia magazine blogger template.


wiehanne said...

I'm using the Arthemia theme now, Sherry. Check my contest blog to see it alive. ;) It's clean and neat.

About the link love thing, I ever read somewhere, there is away to keep it while changing template. Shall ask Mr. Google for the answer. :P

Sherry said...

thanks wiehanne yours is really neat and clean :) good job.

I wonder how I am going to put the pw ads.



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