Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Win $100 link to me Halloween Drawing!

I just love contest and I found one to share with you. It's easy to take part just subscribed his blog by email then post about the contest. Your chance to win $100 link to me Halloween Drawing!

Tell your friends to take part too. The update on the blog if there 500 people enter, he will add $50 to the prize!

This contest is held at Video Blogging Tips , be sure to take part in the contest for your chance to win!

Just for you info, if there are no 200 people entered, they won't be a draw!


Taylor said...

Hey! It's Taylor from Video Blogging Tips. This is great. Keep promoting. Let's get up to 200 entries. Once we reach 200, the contest will be activated!

Taylor said...

Hey! It's taylor here from Video Blogging Tips. I am glad to see that you're still entered in my 100 dollar halloween drawing.

Please be aware of the following rules:

* Drawing won't take place until I have at least 200 people entered.
* Drawing may be rolled into coming months until 200 people have entered.
* You must have Paypal to enter!

Thanks for reading. If you get the chance, do what you can to promote the drawing so we can get it rollin. Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated!