Sunday, October 5, 2008

Win cold hard cash from New Look Houston

Yeah you have read this title correctly. Your chance to win cold hard cash from New Look Houston. I have always want to know about tattoo removal now I know where to go. Houston Tattoo Removal is the blog I am talking about.

Oh you must be wanting to know how much is the cold hard cash. Well its $50 by cash or PayPal from Ryan Lambert. A winner will be chosen on 8 Oct, Wednesday at 5pm. Be sure to check out this contest if you want to win.

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Houston Tattoo Removal said...


This is Ryan Lambert from New Look Laser Tattoo Removal (

I'm pleased to announce that YOU are the winner of our $50 cold hard cash contest for building links to our tattoo removal clinic website.

Please let me know by email (INFO {at} if you would like me to mail you cash or send you money by PayPal.

Again, congratulations. We will be having many more contests like this in the future and look forward to giving you more chances to win!

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