Friday, October 24, 2008

My email account got hacked!

Gosh I can't believe I am saying this. One of my email account has been hacked I can't login at all. I am not kidding I am tried so many times and even trying change the password. It's not working! I have told some friends about this too.

Anyone please help me tell me what to do! Regarding the email account I am using it's very HOT MAIL. yeah I am sure everyone have got that email account. Or maybe not everyone.

What kind of smelly stinky b8st8ard would do such thing to me?

I am really not happy about, I am sure you will be upset too!


wiehanne said...

Oh my.. How could this happen? I hope the email is not your primary account.

Sherry said...

now the account is lockout! not sure what it means.

aira said...

Contact the mail server. They might help you with it. Or maybe someone reported your account being used on sending spam or anything. I hope you can deal with this soon, it seems important to you.

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I'm just using my sister's blogger account.

Scotty's Princess said...

OH I am so sorry to hear about this Sherry. Now I am getting worried, what if it happens to me too?

BTW, I would like to ask a favor. Kindly edit the contest post (for the last time, hehe) you had here in your blog. There were more sponsors added to the list and the prizes were modified as well. Just copy the codes in the contest post at my blog. Do let me know when you're done with the changes.

Thank you very much!

All the Best,

Sherry said...

I am still upset about this been trying to find hotmail mail server don't know where is it. I have tried to email them and not sure they get my email or not.

yeah also I have sms some friends inform them about my account. Worry hacker send them email that with my email account.