Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking around for student credit cards

Beside blogging for contest that I joined on blogsphere, I also check on other things online. Some friends been saying that they have teenager that going for college soon. They are wanting to know about student credit cards. Personally, I don't have a student credit card. I am not a student any more.

If you are a student tell me if you are using any of the student credit cards . I think students are very lucky today. They get to have student credit cards and it's the parent that gave it to them. I can't believe that they are so many type of student credit cards. I think most parents will prefer the credit card with rebate on gas purchase.

College students in my area most of them having their very own car. I think some of them still prefer having car pool. Before getting your children a credit card, I think its wise for parent to tell the children on what to spend. You have credit card that does not mean that you can spend it on anything that you like. Think of who is going to pay for the bill later on. Parent and student can choose the right student credit cards on this site.

I know some parents do not mind how much the children are spending as they are working hard and have got no time to spend with them. So a way of showing their love and care is giving them the permission to swipe. Personally, I don't agree at all. That's not a right way to show your love and care to the children.

Well, if you are looking for student credit cards and not sure where to start. Maybe you can click the above link for a start.

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