Thursday, April 16, 2009

First time parents how to make smart purchase?

I have some friends are new moms and they are interested to find out more about how to make smart purchase. This is important to them as they are not sure on what to buy and which to buy. I like to share this site that I found with you.

Parentricity is the one I am referring to, this is where you can make friends with all new parents and experience parents. This site is where everyone gets the chance to voice out on what and which is suitable for their children.

This is going to be fun because it is free to join Parentricity. You can even check out on their contests, products, advice, blogs, videos, and photos. There will be at least one topic that interest you and I am sure my friends will find it useful and resourceful. It is not just make smart purchase for your children but also find people that sharing same interest as you.

Go ahead to visit this blog.

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