Thursday, April 16, 2009

Win great prizes@WpRecipes

If you like to take part in contest, I am sure you like to win great Prizes@WpRecipes. This contest is held at WpRecipes, this is where you can find daily receipes to cook with WordPress.

Look at what you can win below.

  1. One year of free hosting at WpWebHost + 1 year subscription at Elegant Themes.
  2. One year subscription at Elegant Themes
  3. One year of free hosting at WpWebHost
  4. One year of free hosting at WpWebHost
  5. The Blog and Make Cash ebook

How to participate?

To participate, simply spread the word about WpRecipes on your blog by writing a post and talk about the blog. Post your post url in the comments.

Contest ends soon as on May 1st, 5 persons will be randomly choosen and will win one of the prizes above. As the winners will be announced only by rss, make sure to grab their rss feed!

To take part just click on the link above! Good luck!

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