Thursday, April 9, 2009


Tell me if you have check out any site with photography. I think they are many of them, I am looking at this NiceLoL. It is my first time to come by this site, there are many photos too see and view. I see they are many photo contests and you can sign up an account for free.

Currently they have got 52195 members and total of 130611 images so far. I think they will be more. If you love to share your photos this is the site you can check out. They have got many categories on the lists. If you love photography you will take this chance to take part in the contests.

If you have got a photo to share you can click on post link, you need to key in the title and url after click on post link. This site is simple and plain so it is suitable for newbie on the blogsphere. At NiceLOL you can see feature photos, just click on the photo that you like. You will be able to see when the photo was posted and how many people have viewed it. If you have something to say about the photo, you can always post a comment.

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