Friday, April 3, 2009

What type of card game?

Tell me if you know any type of card games. I have play card games before and it is the one where I get to keep the card. I remember I am having a so many of the card games and I am still having them. If you like to play card games, I am sure you like to find out more about this collectible card game.

Herobits Collectible Card Game is in pre-launch. The countdown to launch has begun and I am sure you do not know Street release date is 21 June, 2009. I am sure everyone is looking forward for it to launch, right now you can join Herobits Forum where you get to meet the artist and get involved in the community. The forum now has got 25 active members, are you one of them?

I am checking the site to see who the talent artists are, each of them have their unique style and character. I like one of the character which is Ulrika Vidar who will teach your children about the Earth is our Mother Earth. The creator of Ulrika Vidar is Carla Miller. I know some people already excited to know where to buy the Herobits Colletible Card Game. Everyone got to sit back and wait as it is available at US Stores but only starting in June 2009.

Now tell me what do you think of trading cards?


HEROBITS said...

What a cool game. I bet my friends would love to play it. By the way, did you know that Herobits, an upcoming card game will be released on June 2009? It's like playing like a superhero. I'm pretty sure you gonna enjoy it.

Sherry said...

yeah how exciting, just a few month to go :)