Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking for easy and economical access

As you know it is recession time, but life goes on and you got to find ways on saving cost. Most company will want to cut cost. I know one of my friends are looking for server, he is working in hotel industry. I am sure he will find this site with good info about hosted lotus connections.

You can read and find out more from other than that you can see that hosted lotus notes is offering from $10.99 per month per user. I know some people are terrible in counting and I am happy to see there is a savings calculator for you to use at the site. There are Live Sales Support, and Life Support Chat where you can make your inquiry about the servers.

If you are in software as a service (SAAS) industry, you will find this site useful. My friend's company is currently interested to update their servers, I hope he will check this site. Do you know that Phase 2's Software as a service now offers easy and economical access to Lotus Notes?

Phase 2 International, a world wide provider of reliable hosted business applications. They are the solutions for document management, social networking, project management, CRM, email services, and online meetings. Go ahead check out the lotus notes 7.0 2.

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