Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Which contest and giveaway open to ALL?

When I visit some blogs and sites with contest and giveaway, if there is no saying if the contest or giveaway is open to ALL or International.

Usually, I will leave a comment to ask whether it is open to International or not. Sometimes there is reply and sometimes there is NOT.

But lately I have got a few replying to my comment saying that it is NOT OPEN TO ALL.


suwari said...

Not quite actually. Sometimes, I type 'OPEN' to some of the contest that open to USA only

Sherry said...

hi suwari, you mean you type OPEN is for open to USA only? or you mean OPEN to everyone to take part?

suwari said...

I write "OPEN to: USA residents only".

For example this post. Meanwhile other post, I dont write it so that people know it is open to international.

Sherry said...

hi suwari, yeah I notice that some contest blog they do write open to USA and Canada only.