Thursday, July 24, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Contest Challenge 2 at TylerCruz

I am sure everyone have heard of MarketLeverage now I like you to know that TylerCruz is having Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2 runs from July 14th to August 14th (8PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern time) .

So how to take part in the contest? They are two ways :

Here's the First
Sign up to MarketLeverage by clicking here. It is very important that you register underTylerCruz referral link so that he can track your commissions. Don't forget to Approve your account by phoning ML or having them phone you. Earn as much as you can!!

At the end of the challenge, if you generated one of the top-6 amounts in commissions, you win one of the six prizes!

In addition, the top 5 new referrals who generate the most in revenue will each win a 2.0GB USB Pen!

Here's the Second

Simply write a blog post telling others about this competition on your blog.

  1. It’s as simple as it sounds. Write a blog post (an entire post, not a small mention in another post) about this competition, being sure to link to it.
  2. Contact TylerCruz with the URL of the actual post, being sure to provide your e-mail address.

A drawing will be taken at the end of the contest, and 5 random winners will each receive a 2.0GB USB Pen!

What about the Prizes? Check them out!

1st Place:

Dell 22″ Widescreen Monitor with Built-In Webcam

2nd Place:

Sony PSP + Secret Agent Clank

3rd Place:

Mino Flip Video Camera

4th Place:

iPod Nano

5th- 6th Place:

$100 Prepaid Rewards Card

Bonus Prizes for blogging about the contest 2.0GB USB Storage Pen for 5 bloggers which will be chosen randomly by drawing.

Now for more information about the contest, I suggest you to click on the link above.

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