Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Three Times the Prizes to be Won

I think everyone have been looking forward for this contest. I am sure you like to how to take part in the contest. Long story cut short here it goes.

How to Earn Tickets:

+1 Ticket: You can earn your first ticket by leaving a comment on this Blog post. It’s one ticket maximum, no matter how many comments you leave however. Before you leave a comment, take a look at the other ways to earn tickets and let me know how many tickets you’ve earned in your comment.

+5 Tickets: Write a Blog post on your Blog which talks about this contest and link to it.
+5 Tickets: Sign up for a MarketLeverage Account using my link.
+1 Ticket: Digg this contest.
+1 Ticket: Stumble or Stumble Review this contest.
+1 Ticket: Twitter about this contest & Follow me on Twitter.
+1 Ticket: Favorite this contest on Technorati.

Be sure to check out the contest at Inspired Money Maker dot com for more information.

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