Friday, July 4, 2008

John Chow & Bic Promo Flip Video Contest

I am sure everyone know who is John Chow, personally I have take part a few times in his contest but never win. That's alright as I am not giving up, I just keep trying. Who knows I might be lucky this time.

This time John Chow has Bic Promo Pens together to bring you a really cool Prize. This time not one Winner but Two Winners, one Flip Video Ultra, another Flip Video Mino.

It's easy to take part in this contest at John Chow dot com.

Don't wait til last minute. Do it now. Contest ends on July 31. The Winners will be drawn the following Saturday.

1 comment:

Pinay Jade said...

Hi Sherry. Congartulations!!!Just sent the 500 Ec credits courtesy of Lourdes Mia - pls. contact the sponsor to place your ad at her blog for free for 2 weeks.

Thanks again for joining.