Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"thou shall win" Contest

Oh yeah this is the contest I have been waiting for and it's happening now. Its just like going through Christmas in August, why? "thou shall win" Contest in celebration of Yan's 3 months of blogging. If you are heading for this contest, please comment in Yan's contest saying that you are referral by SHERRY.

Prizes worth $2500 waiting you to win. So lets check out the Awesome Prizes first.

The Grand Prize

A ticket to the “Event Apart” which is held in the USA. The Ticket is worth about $1,000.00 and will be good for any 2008 event.

Courtesy of PB from Piss Biscuit. Don’t you just love this guy?

Winner #1

  1. 12-month private membership at, courtesy of, the brain child of Aaron Abber (Worth $324)
  2. 30-min live blog consultation by (Worth $30)
  3. 1 month 468×60 Ad Spot from Tech Suave (Worth $30)
  4. 3,000 Entrecard Credits from Brian Hawkins @ Extreme Ezine

Winner #2

  1. $500.00 dollar credit for Blog Re-design courtesy of Piss Biscuit.
  2. 30-min live blog consultation by (Worth $30)
  3. 1 month 125×125 Ad Spot from Piss Biscuit (Worth $40)
  4. 2000 Entrecard Credits from Brian Hawkins @ Extreme Ezine

Winner #3

  1. Blog Review courtesy of Piss Biscuit (Worth $100)
  2. 60-min blog consultation by The Net Fool (Worth $60)
  3. 1 month 125×125 Ad Spot from Etienne Teo (Worth $25)
  4. 2,000 Entrecard Credits from Jay @

Winner #4

  1. 1 Copy of Premium Theme from WooThemes by Piss Biscuit (Worth $100)
  2. 1 Custom Banner Design (468×60 or 125×125) from
  3. 1 month 125×125 Ad Spot from Yours Truly, Blog for Beginners (Worth $20)
  4. 2,000 Entrecard Credits from Jay @

Winner #5

  1. 1 Copy of the Revolution WordPress Theme from Brian Gardner (Worth $80)
  2. 1 month 125×125 Ad Spot from Etienne Teo (Worth $25)
  3. 1 month sidewide PR3 link on both &
  4. 1,000 Entrecard Credits from Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog

Bonus Prize

The contestant with the highest no. of points (both maximum and referral points) will win 3,000 Entrecard Credits from WP Beginners

Contest Details

Without further ado, here’s what you simply need to do - read carefully

  1. 10 points - Subscribe via email and blog about this contest (see #2) on your blog with all the sponsors’ links and prizes intact - mandatory
  2. 5 points - A link back to my home page with Anchor Text - Blogging Tips for Beginners
  3. In less than 20 words, tell us why the sponsors rocks. For each sponsor you write about, you will be getting 5 points so there will be a maximum of 55 points for all the 11 sponsors.
  4. If you have completed all the above and collected the maximum 70 points, you will automatically be entitled to the Grand Draw.
  5. The details of the Grand Draw can be found in your RSS feed with the “Unlock the Code” link to the page for the Grand Prize.

More Contest Details

  1. There will be a bonus of 3 referral points for each person whom is referred by you. The contestant has to state that he/she is being referred by you. The logic states that only one contestant can be referred by one introducer. Make sense?
  2. All the referral points cannot be accumulated into the maximum points.
  3. As usual, the verification will be done based on the comment you leave here shouting what you have completed. Your IP will be logged and verified.
  4. The winners will be picked by using the random list generator at Screenshots will be provided.
Hey, don't forget about the Santa Claus! Who are them?
  1. Yan ROCKS as its his blog that holding the contest! Yan from Blog for Beginners
  2. A guy that making six figure income, you bet he rocks! PB from Piss Biscuit
  3. Brain child a full time internet business owner thats Aaron from
  4. I often taking part in his contests too, who doesn't know Jim from The Net Fool
  5. Internet Marketer is who is also a happy Grandfather too thats Bryan from Extreme Ezine
  6. Proud owner of PR3 blogs hey, he rocks too check out Jay from
  7. Everything you want to know during Consultation with Nadz from
  8. A blog where you can check out Tech news and blogging tips thats Prem from Tech Suave
  9. Looking for Tech news, reviews, head on to Michael Aulia
  10. Proud Owner of Revolution WordPress Themes who is he? Brian Gardner
  11. A Singaporean that is experiencing on money making opportunities since 2007 Etienne Teo
You bet you want to know more about them and their blogs.... by the way...

Contest will ends on 31 August 2008. Okay you can head on the contest page and check out Pss... don't forget to mention me SHERRY your referral. THANKS...

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