Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pinay Mommy Birthday Bash

Oh yeah it's July and you know it too. It's Pinay Mommy Birthday Bash where you get the chance to win cash and Entrecard Credits. First I don't think you know that Pinay Mommy has total of 6 blogs. There are
I don't know how she can manage and maintain all the blogs but I can see that so far so good! She has done a fantastic job maintaining the blogs. Wanna know about the sponsors in her Birthday Bash?
~\/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~\/~
Pinay Mommy Birthday Bash is little different from others as they are little twist of excitement in it. Hey, I am sure you like to know what's the fabulous Prize you get to win.
1st Prize
$50 Cash pay via PayPal and 3000 EC
2nd Prize
$10 Cash pay via PayPal and 1000EC
3rd Prize
$5 Cash pay via PayPal and 1000EC
There's not all there are 20 Consolation Prizes of 200 EC .
A prize of $10 will be given to blogger who has referal the most bloggers!! So Please remember to tell her Sherry send you.
I am sure you are attracted to these fabulous Prizes just like me. I really hope to win one of the big CASH Prize. Her contest has started and ending on 20 July and Winners will be announced on 25th July.
So far I have put her 6 blogs to my Love Links and that I am already qualified for 6 entries. I have also fav her 6 blogs technorati and also subscribed to all her blogs. If you like to know about how to take part in the contest. Just head on to her blog and find out.
Good luck to everyone!

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