Thursday, July 17, 2008

Six Ad Spaces on Contest in July

This one contest that I like you to know about. It's happening at Binary Ant the blog about SEO, Marketing & Blogging . The prizes are six 125×125 ad spaces on the sidebar of this blog for the month of August.

If you check out the pic above there are only 4 ad space but this contest gives away 6 ad space. That's not all there will be Top Three Winners that each will be winning 500 EC.

In case you don't know the 6 ad space Winners with their ads on the blog. Their ads will rotate randomly to give all of them the same exposure.

If you are interested on the contest be sure to check out it.

Psst, you have to know that Binary Ant blog is now 280.409 on Alexa’s rank! This is only the beginning.

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