Monday, July 28, 2008

Win 18,000EC and Over $50 in advertising

First I like you to know that July 4th is the day Germz celebrate his birthday. There's more than that, he's also having a contest where you can Win 18,000EC and Over $50 in Advertising . It's so easy to take part in the contest, as he has ready made the code for you!

Here's what's he's trying to say :)

Since my birthday is today, (July 4th) I’m holding a contest where you can win over 18500 Entrecard Credits and over $50 dollars in prizes. The best part of the contest is that it’s very easy to win as only one person will get the prizes to get them a boost in their blog traffic, with over 18,000 Entrecard credits you can get more traffic in a day than most bloggers get in a month.

Here are the list of prizes.

Novice Affiliate- 2500 Entrecard Credits.

Earn Blogger- 2000 Entrecard Credits.

Article Specialist- 2000 Entrecard Credits.

Blog Marketing and SEO Training- 1500 Entrecard Credits. Entrecard Credits.

Entreblast- 1000 Entrecard Credits.

Marc Dionisio- 1000 Entrecard Credits.

The Capitalist Guide- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.

1 Million in 365 Days- 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.

Rumbling Lankan 1000 Entrecard Credits & a free blog review.

ulupongdotcom- 1000 Entrecard Credits.

Michael Aulia- 750 Entrecard Credits. 500 Entrecard Credits.

Video Blogging Tips- 500 Entrecard Credits.

Advertising for Success-500 Entrecard Credits.

Income Alternatives- 250 Entrecard Credits.

WinEntrecardCredits- 125 x 125 Advertising.

Teasa’s Blog Marketing Tips- 1 Month 125×125 Ad.

More merchant- 1 Month 125 x 125.

Wahb- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad spot and a free site review.

AJN1- 1 Month 125 x 125 Ad Spot. 1 Free blog consultation.

Rockfuse- 1 Free blog consultation.

Here is how you can win!

1.Required Subscribe to my blog’s feed If you are already subscribed then just skip this part. (1 Ticket)

2.Post a comment on articles found on including this one. (1 Ticket for each comment)

3.Submit any page from to any Social bookmarking site, such as Digg/Stumbleupon etc. (2 Tickets for each submission)

4.Write about the contest (15 tickets)

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