Thursday, November 13, 2008

Easy credit easy spending

I am sure everyone know what is credit card. Do tell if you have a credit card. Well, I know some friends having more than one credit cards. They love using the credit cards as they get to earn reward points from there.

Do tell me what do you think of Extra Credit Cards ? I got to know from my friends that some credit cards offer the cash rebate. I don't know about that and how true is that. I think there's always terms and conditions of it.

Having credit card is easy and you must know how much you are spending. I know sometimes you can get out of control. Nobody wants to have bad credit. If got to know anyone having a credit that is not the best, then you can tell them if they need a bad credit credit card they can check out this site maybe they find the right card for them.

Some friends are using their credit cards to go shopping. They know that if they are going for holiday they will not bring a long so much of cash. So they choose to use credit card and later on coming back home to settle their credit card payment.

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