Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who love Blackjack?

I am sure everybody love to play games and I know they are many type of games. Frankly speaking I have not play Blackjack before. I don't know how to play at all. I have seen my mom played before but that's in casino. Back then we don't know there is online Blackjack .

Do you know if you are playing games at work its not right at all. I have been told by some friends that they have colleague being warned by Boss that they are not supposed to play at work. Some people got unlucky having a warning letter from their employer.

You know I think my mom played the Blackjack the wrong way. She always lose and sometimes she got lucky she won. I think they are strategy to play and it's best you learn and get to know them before playing it. Learn the right move and the blackjack strategy tables online.

I know when you are winning in the games you will be very happy about it. If you are losing than you will be very unhappy. It's always best to take a rest and don't keep playing the games.

So tell me who love Blackjack.

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Sunil Harika said...

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