Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Techtod Contest ENDED?

Well, I am sure most of you know about this Contest. The Techtod Contest which supposed to end on 25 Nov. This is one of the most exciting contest which most blogger are taking part. But it has ended on I don't know about it until I check out the post at Miss and I-Heart-Contest . Click on the link to read more!

Just look at the points and participants on the list. Yeah I am on the list as well.

Current Competitors:

Patricknous:368 points
Aasif Jaffer: 354 points
Ross :350 points
Fiaz :334 points
Honeul : 327 points
Lady : 169 points
akira : 156 points
joshua: 168 points
Dhadha : 119 points
Sherry : 116 points
Aisha : 71 points

You know among many contests that I took part. This contest has so many rules and you can't comment as often or as much as you like. You can only make a comment 15 min gap. In the beginning I was very active taking part in the contest.

BM told me that this contest was a fraud when we are commenting at Josh's blog. You know if you won a contest you should get the money in full amount. BM has only got $1 from Techtod!


sweetytots said...

Hi, my 3pc Musical Toy giveaway has ended. I will not keep you waiting, visit and see who wins. Thank you for joining and please always visit for more giveaways.

Sherry said...

thanks architect, I have check it :)

pinaymommy said...

thank you very much sherry for the info. i will make a post soon about this.


Sherry said...

I saw the 3 names on the list were deleted when they continue the contest.

I Heart Contest said...

Techtod is really crazy! Gahd. Karma will soon trike them. Hahaha. ^^