Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Registration renewal for your domains

This is just crazy earlier I mention about the free domain which is not really free at all. Apparently their computer system kept sending me the reminder of renewal the domain.

I am not going to bother about it as not really free domain. I am sure some people may not notice about it and still asking for free domain from them. Well, I am sure they will find out about it soon.

Just wait til your get the free domain and later on they will send you email saying that the domain is about to expired.


wiehanne said...

Yea, you will receive the notification until you renew it. I just delete the email. :P

Nina said...

Wahh you got the same din pala, it sucks right. I thought it was absolutely free tsk

Sherry said...

now we know that there's no such thing as free.