Friday, November 7, 2008

Slots for fun

Beside blogging for contest, I am checking out on other things as well. I am sure you know about slot machines. Most people prefer to go cybercafe to play them. I think that's troublesome and you know the places most probably have people smoking. What happen if you are a non smoker?

If you have a computer at home and you like to play online games. There's one free Slot Machine that offer free casino software download. There are over 60 games. Please take note that these games are only for those above 21 years old. You can click on the site to read more about their Terms & Conditions.

I think if you are working in the company, you should not be playing them. It's better to follow the rules and regulation in your company. I have play slot machines in Casino but that was a so many years ago. It was the year 2002 if not mistaken.

If you check out this site you will find that new players get $555 in free casino bonus money. I know not everybody prefer to play slot machine. What kind of games do you have in mind?

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