Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LinkersBlog- November Case Study Blog Contest

Thanks to Danny who invited me for his November Case Study Blog Contest. LinkersBlog is where you get to learn about how to build links, traffic and Page Rank for your blog. If you are a new blogger this will be a great site for you to learn about build links and traffic to your blog.

November Case Study- Blog Contest
is what you are waiting for. These are the Prizes where you stand the chance to win.

If you love these Prizes it's not hard to win! Just have to earn the Points...

The person who comes up with the most creative way to promote the contest gets 10 Points!

Write a follow up to any of my posts - 5 points

Blog about the contest (min 150 words) - 5 points

Top referring blog - 4 points

Best comment of the month - 4 points

Top commentators at the end of the month - 2 points each

Link to this post from anywhere on your blog - 2 points

Follow me on Twitter and tweet this post - 2 Points

Become my fan on Technorati - 1point

Comment on this blog - 3 comments = 1 point

Stumble this post - 1 point

Subscribe by email - 1 point

Also throughout the month I shall be posting ’secret entries’ which will allow you to get a few more entries into the draw!

The contest has started and ends on Nov 30, 2008. Winners to be announced on 1st December 2008.

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