Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hacker was using my Digg account!

I just checking on my digg account I can't login any more and not just that I found there's activities which I never did!

The hacker have been using my Sherrygo account in digg! They have been activities since 16 hours ago in digg! That was not ME.

Click on the screen to see and you'll know what I mean. The hacker even kept posting this blog up there as well.


cheth said...

Yea any contribution from your end will do great all i can say is thanks for sponsoring my contest i shall post the details soon :) It will be great to have you as a sponsor .. I will make sure my sponsors get some traffic from my contest and of course some more publicity :) Good luck! Have a good day :)

indocontest said...

Sorry to hear that Sherry.
I never in this situation before.
So i don't have any clue how to resolve your problem. But I think you better create a new account. :(

wiehanne said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, please dugg the SimplyWP contest again with your new id as the old one is no longer there. Thanks, Sherry. :)