Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whose looking for student loans

Beside taking part in contest, I am also checking out on other things on the blogsphere. Well, I have friends that wanting to find out about student loans. My friend is having a teenager son and she told me that his son is going for higher education soon. Her son has no idea what course that he's interested.

From my point of view, I think he's interested in taking up IT course because he's always playing games online with his friends. He's also using computer more often than anything else. I have not tell my friend about the website where she can find more info on iStudentLoan .

Do you know that education is important. Most of my friends are Degree holders and some of them further studies and now doing their Master. I think my friend is worry about her son's education cost. I think it will be great idea for her to check the website, it is a guide that helps parents and students find private student loans over the Internet.

I know that she's still thinking which college she wants to send her son. I think there's still time for her and her son to discuss about this matter. As for student loans I think it's better for her to find out earlier so that she can do her preparation for her son's education. I will tell her to check out the site for more info.

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