Sunday, November 2, 2008

I won $15 for Comment King (and Queen) in October

Yeah I like to tell you that I have been busy in the month of October. I have won $15 and ad space 125x125 for Comment King (and Queen) in October at I am NOT the only winner. Guess whose with me?

I am sure most of you would know her. She's BM :) she won the same prize like me.

I have made over 100 comments, as for BM she's only did more than 20 comments.

Don't forget about the November Contest at where you stand the chance to win ad space 125x125 for 2 months!


wiehanne said...

Both of you are the comment's queen! lol..

Sherry said...

yes we ARE :) lol

Sherry said...

you did pretty well too wiehanne.