Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is your dream car?

I like to know what is your dream car. I know some people having more than one dream car. I have seen some of my neighbours having more than one car. Imagine there's three cars under one roof. One of my friend is really lucky, she don't have to buy a car as she got the car as her present on her birthday. It's a present from her dad!

When I am free I do check on some website about cars and there's one which I like you to tell me what you think about it. I am talking about the ford taurus . Personally, I just love the colour of this car. I know you can choose a few colour and my favourite colour is RED. I think if you have the money you can really buy your dream car.

Do you know that this car provide you the steady in sweeping turns. I think this car is suitable for family car. Especially parents with small and young children. I know one of my friend bought his ideal car because of that.

Tell me if you believe in fall in love at first sight. I remembered I saw a car on the road show it's a Ford. I have forgotten which model is it. If you are thinking of buy a new car. You can do your research and find out which car you like to own.


Pangeran Wiguan said...

For me it's Bugatti Veyron!
Damn cool!
With 1001 BHP...
16.4 Valve...
Max speed up to 407KMPH!

Sherry said...

what's the price of the car?